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Puerto Rico

05 May 2017 - 03:32 PM

I am sure most of you have not been paying attention, but PR is a perfect example of what will happen if we keep going down the entitlement path:





The first one is fascinating, and rather funny that the path the Times wants us to take is exactly the same as the one that is failing in PR (i.e. Government sponsored everything, they have had Socialized Medicine/single payer since 93 etc.). Anyway, we need some new stuff here, and this is a developing and very interesting topic.


Especially in regards to the Title 3 bankruptcy. IN the past, no US territory was allowed to do this. Currently no state is allowed to do it. But the pattern of changing the laws to allow PR to do it in 2016 could definately repeat itself, especially with the most teetering of states (Illinois etc).

Jags Still King of the Offseason

29 April 2017 - 10:41 PM

As usual the Jaguars have won the offseason. Well not everywhere (http://www.cbssports...ars-fall-short/) but in general the consensus is we built a serious identity.


Now that the dust has settled, how are you feeling about previous jaguars predictions. I had previously stated (old account pre-SQL) that 6-10 to 7-9 felt about right. Now with the additions I am flying high on the Coughlin train (or rather I-formation, which is my personal favorite).


I could easily see us plowing thru 2 more wins like a Nebraskan chewing thru Corn or Todd Bouman on his tractor taking down snow in Minnesota. The question is, how many wins does this off season actually translate into?


Starting 3-13

My breakdown - Coughlin instead+2-3

Losing Ice Cream Parties/Ping Pong = +1

FA- Draft +2-3


I now feel that 8-8 to 10-6 is possible. So in the spirit of foolish off season predictions I am saying 9-7. Feel free to join in.


Edit: Corrected colts to the proper form clots. Also the title should have a question mark.