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In Topic: Smoot

Today, 02:35 AM

Didn't like this pick. Would have liked to see them take a chance on Tim Williams. We still need edge rushers.



We have edge rushers with Ngakou and Fowler. We maybe have a rotational guy with Malik in Sheldon Day. We now have a strongside DE to rotate with Calais in Smoot. What we need is a NT to rotate with Abry.


I thought for sure we were going to get Stevie Tu'ikuolovatu in early round seven, but we passed on him to take Myrick and Stevie went the following pick. We literally have nobody to rotate with Abry. Why did we did waive Roy Miller III again?

In Topic: MJD better than Fred Taylor?

Today, 02:25 AM

Fred Taylor is top 15 all-time.


MJD is maybe top 25? top 30?

In Topic: New FB - 7th round pick Miami's Marquez Williams - merged

Today, 02:21 AM

He's definitely a big guy who knows how to throw his weight around. I'm reminded of Daimon Shelton.


Shelton, btw, was 6'0", 260... Marquez Williams is 5'10", 280.

In Topic: Round 7 pick: Jalen Myrick CB

Today, 01:52 AM

I know... Myrick might be almost Corey Grant fast.

In Topic: Blair Brown- Rd. 5

Today, 12:53 AM

Myles Jack tho...



Not a horrible pick, but I'd have rather seen them take Jordan Leggett.